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About Us

The Earthkeepers International Network is formed by different people, from different countries, who have felt the call of the Munay-ki rites. After feeling in their own skin the changes that the Munay has produced to them and the deep connection with the Earth, the Pachamama, decide to carry out from that energy and philosophy, actions and concrete projects, to care for, protect and preserve our home.


Be Change

Be the change that you want to see in the world

Every external change is predetermined by a profound internal change. For a re-connection with yourself, with the Earth and with the Whole. Where through the acceptance of all that you are and have been you can visualize, dream and create, what you will be.
In this section you can find the tools that can help you to Be Change.


Generate Changes

Generate the changes that you want to see in the world

It is time for action, it is time to generate actions and projects that help us to preserve, care for, protect and honor our home, our Mother Earth.
It is time to take all that change we have generated within us, all that energy and make it available for a greater good. 
In this section you will find the tools that can help you generate change.
Because energy without materialization is only that and materialization without adequate energy does not last in time.


Next Upcoming


18-20 Settember 2020. Italy


19 Settember 2020. Online

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16 Settember-10 February 2021. Online


03 October-12 December 2020. Online


15-28 Febrary 2021. Chile



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Because as it is above it is below, as it is inside it is outside. The separation of matter and spirit is only an illusion, there is only unity.

To embody change we must generate change, to generate changes we must be changed.