About us

We´re the voice of the past. We´re the light of the future

The Earthkeepers International Network is formed by different people, from different countries, who have felt the call of the Munay-ki rites. After feeling in their own skin the changes that the Munay has produced to them and the deep connection with the Earth, the Pachamama, decide to carry out from that energy and philosophy, actions and concrete projects, to care for, protect and preserve our home.

Also it´s a library where you can find books, talks, interviews, music, documentaries, articles... To train and inform you, to be able to be change that generates changes.

We invite you to discover through this small video what the Munay-ki is for us, what it has meant to receive it and become an Earthkeeper, and the support, strength and brotherhood provided by the Network.


If you have received the Munay-ki and want to be part of us, wherever you come from, you are welcome. You can form a new network in your country and join.

If you have felt the call of the Munay-ki you can find an upcoming date in our events.

If you are not interested in our philosophy but still want to join in some of our actions, do not hesitate to come and participate. Any help we have is appreciated. All our activities are open and will be published regularly.

Thank you all for your support and presence.

We continue to walk together to be change and to generate changes.




Yaiza Herrera

Founder and Coordinator