Earthkeepers Networks

The Earthekeepers International Network is an open network, currently made up of three different countries, Germany, Italy and Spain. They carry out different projects and different actions depending on their local and national reality.
You can find more information about it in the links below.

If you have received the Munay-ki and want to be part of us, wherever you come from, you are welcome. You can form a new network in your country and join.

If you have felt the call of the Munay-ki you can find an upcoming date in our events.

If you are not interested in our philosophy but still want to join in some of our actions, do not hesitate to come and participate. Any help we have is appreciated. All our activities are open and will be published regularly.

We continue to walk together to be change and to generate changes.


Earthkeepers Germany


Earthkeepers Italy


Earthkeepers Spain