Machu Pichu


If you've come this far, it's because the Pachamama through the Apus has called you. If you are here reading these lines it is because something, a voice inside you that makes you take one direction or another has whispered in your ear. If you are here it is because you want to remember, if you are here it is because you are prepared to take your responsibility before life, before the Earth, before yourself.​


Because to become an Earthkeeper is to love absolutely everything that surrounds you, feeling its beauty, its power and its vulnerability. To become an Earthkeeper is to fulfill that ancient promise that your soul once made to this beautiful planet. So that with all your power and strength along with your determination, love, vision, courage and energy you could protect them, protect HER.

Are you prepared to belong to the lineage of those who for eons have guarded our home? Are you prepared to remember who you are?....If you continue reading my words, if you feel my calling in your soul...then so be it.

The Munay-Ki initiations were given, in 2006 to a small group of people, through the Laycas, the first inhabitants of America, in the Andes of Peru. Now it is available to anyone who wants.

The Munay-Ki, a Quechua word meaning LOVE, will progressively push you to the great quantum leap. Receiving its energy that will not only work with you at the ENERGY level, but also at the DNA level, helping you to heal and evolve. These "seeds", placed by the energy of the rites, will grow and develop with sweetness and love, as and when they are needed, helped by the subsequent work that will continue to be done along with the other Earthkeepers who make up the network of Spain, Italy and Germany.

It is a personal journey, a unique experience that changes your life.
A path without return and for the brave. A path without end, where the only end is you.
It is your eternal story of love with your BEING and with LIFE, existence.
Remember...remember who you are...remember why you are here...follow the Apus call.


The Rites


Rite of the Healers. It connects us directly with the lineage of medicine men and women of the past, who will work with us through meditations and dreams. It helps us heal the wounds of our past and ancestors. 


 Rite of the Bands of Power. It consists of the activation of the rainbow body and the transmutation of every non-harmonic frequency of each of the chakras, recovering its original light.


Rite of Harmony. It activates the potential of the neuronal activity of the brain and heart, intertwined with the harmonious functioning of all the chakras. Transmission of seven archetypes in the chakras. 


Rite of the Seer. This rite installs filaments of light that extend from the visual cortex to the third eye and to the chakra of the heart, awakening the ability to perceive the invisible world.


Rite of the Guardians of the Day. It heals the feminine energy and connects with the wisdom of the feminine, helping us to go beyond fear and practice peace.


Rite of the Guardians of Wisdom. It heals the masculine energy, connecting with the wisdom network of the great mountains and power centers of the planet. This rite helps to go beyond time, touching the infinite.


Rite of the Guardians of the Earth. It helps us learn to be a visionary.


Rite of the Guardians of the Stars. It connects with the new energetic frequency activating the DNA, making the whole body evolve.


Rite of the Creator, ninth rite, awakens us to the divine light, or christic consciousness, or buddha, leaving us in charge of all creation, from the smallest grain of sand to the largest conglomeration of galaxies in the universe. It had not been possible to transmit this rite from person to person until the summer of 2006, which was given to a small group of people by the elders.



13th Rite of the Munay-ki, so called by the thirteen moons of the year.

Rite to heal the fear and pain that women carry in their wombs.