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Giro degli Ecovillaggi d´Italia

We will start collaborating with Lorenzo Olivieri and with "CHAKRUNA The Orgasmic Way Of Living" in this interesting and necessary project. Where we will know what it is like to live in an ecovillage first hand and know that in order to make an external change that will last over time we need to make a deep internal change first. Thank you guys for spreading th

In this document you can find all the necessary information


And here is the presentation of the project in Lorenzo's words.


Since returning from My Jungle Quarantine ...🇮🇹

I am in the humanitarian flight organized by the Farnesina: Panama> Italy - I try to live the present - without thinking too much about what will happen once I return to Italy.

While watching a Harry Potter adventures movie I can't help thinking about this return, I fall asleep and wake up continually while across the Atlantic Ocean.

In these quarantine months in the jungle of Panama with our community that came from 16 different countries, I marked my days exploring nature and joining the diary texts that I wrote during this extraordinary experience. I have lived extraordinary experiences to the limit even of my endurance sometimes ...

As the plane goes, I keep asking myself: but in Italy how many are this type of reality in which we live in Ecovillages in community in Nature? My extraordinary experience - can it become ordinary - also for other people who are not aware of this lifestyle?

These are the questions that blend in my head while I'm flying.

Arriving in Italy, I find myself dealing with a slight headache and exhaustion, due to the 7 hours of time zone. I try to sleep, but the first few days I can't.

These questions are constantly coming to my mind, and after the first wonderful phone calls with Italian friends I get an idea:

What if we did the Giro degli Ecovillagi d'Italia this summer?

My friends and colleagues appreciated the idea, so I immediately start writing it and after a series of phone calls we also receive the patronage of San Marino Green Festival!

We have decided, this will be our summer!

From 22 June to 15 July, we will collect a list (which you will communicate to us) of the main Italian Ecovillages through social media, we are creating a team that will run all summer.

Then from July 15th to September 15th we will visit them and get to know the communities that live in them, and who live a life similar to the one I experienced in the Jungle.

Do you like the idea?

Now I tell you how we set up the organization of this initiative and - at the end of the text - if you know of the Ecovillages you think we should visit, write it in the comments.

* The Vision: Discovering and Communicating Community Life in Nature in Italy.

* Mission: Make a list of the main Italian Eco-villages, choose 3 that will become the basis of the Italian CHAKRUNA RETREATS CENTERS and create a guide to be published on paper.

* Values: Movement, Nature, Community, Eco-sustainability.

* Communication channels: Insta, FB, Internet site: CHAKRUNA, Lorenzo Olivieri, Jacopo Tabanelli, San Marino Green Festival and other friends and partners, radio and media that will arrive.

* Tools: Photos, Video Interviews & Trailers, Storytelling, comparison between my experience in the Jungle and the Italian communities. (many have asked me to publish in a book, the diary of my quarantine in the jungle that I have written in recent months, I am doing it, we will communicate more news in the coming weeks)

* Period: 15th July / 15th September 2020

* List collection: From June 22 to July 15: thanks to your comments, we will collect a list of up to 20 ecovillages to visit.

Do you want to join the visits?

Write it in the comments and we will notify you of the visit schedule every Monday, so you can join us.

Do you want to visit an eco village and send your photos, videos and lifestyle stories? Email your material to ecovillage@chakruna.org

Every Monday, from July 15th we will share (in my FB and insta profile and that of "CHAKRUNA The Orgasmic Way Of Living") photos and reports of the initiative, in the coming weeks we will write the list of eco villages and we will communicate it gradually.

In late September and early October 2020, there will be a conference and photographic exhibition in San Marino curated by myself and the team that is being born, in collaboration and patronage with San Marino Green Festival

Official hashtag:#ecovillageitaliantour

We are waiting for you, with Joy!

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