Yaiza Herrera

Creator and Coordinator

She has been a defender of the planet Earth and Mother Nature from a very young age and decided to take her academic life towards this field. Obtaining the degree of biology, specialist in environment, and realizing two Masters, one in renewable energies and another one in Environmental management.
Being a faithful defender of the change of life and the paradigms of the human being to be able to save the planet, she is involved in the Transition Towns Movement.She was its precursor in the Canary Islands an created Gran Canaria in Transition. An opportunity that led her to know and learn from all the exchange projects found on the island, such as local currencies, time banks, economy of the common good, urban gardens, different communities ...

She has always felt a very special connection and relationship with nature.  Because of this she approached shamanism more than 10 years ago, which has been an important part of her life and philosophy  
In 2012 she was initiated in the 9 rites of the Munay-ki, and in 2014 she began to give them first in Spain, then in Italy and recently in Germany. Countries where she has created the Network of Eathkeepers. Based in the work, energy and philosophy of the Munay-ki. The people of the Network generate concrete actions to care for, honor and preserve our beloved Mother, the Pachamama, the Earth.
"For me, the Eartkeepers Network represents the union of those two worlds that we believe are separated. It is a place where that world we call "material" and that other world we call "spiritual" have finally come together with a common purpose and a common end. It is all that we are, that I am. Because we are change to generates changes."

To know more about her work and different courses, visit the website Luna Danzante